Saturday, July 5, 2008

Check out that hot mom!

Here we are ready to go Elleanna's dance recital. Wow - I am one hot mom with two beautiful daughters! Today I am not looking 35. Now tomorrow will probably be a different story, but I will relish in this happy thought for today! It is sad to say, but my bones hurt everyday and I have already had two root canals and I have laugh and frown wrinkles setting in. I sag and wear a wire support just to recapture some of my youth! Elleanna reminds me how old my hands look. Thank you, Elleanna. I started taking my liquid vitamin again hoping it will perform some magic. So yes, I will relish in how hot I look today! Some may call it vanity, but I just call it a pep talk for the days I am not feeling so young and hip!

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Alicia said...

My mom just said you look like Meg Ryan!