Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Such a sweet smile, but behind that smile is sass and wit! Life is not dull with Elleanna who can give the quickest retort to any comment I make. She never misses a beat and nows if someone got a new outfit or even slightly changed their haircut.

We encourage learning about other cultures in our family. She made a correlation between the pimple on my forehead and Indian girls. She said, "Mom, you look just like an Indian girl with that red mark on your forehead!" Thank you Elleanna for being so observant! And by the way, how did you find the gum that I hid in the top cabinet? GET OUT OF THERE!

Yes, never a dull moment....

Friday, October 16, 2009

How sexy can a car be?!

Today a young 20 year old girl strutted to her car boasting, "Check out my sexy car!" Of course she wasn't talking to me, but her co-workers. Yes, it was a sexy car I must admit. I didn't know that cars could be considered as such, but it was sleek and silver with all the bells and whistles...2010 Mustang GT.

I became very self conscious standing next to my van that screamed, "Soccer Mom"! I am not even a soccer mom. I taxi my kids to dance and music lessons. My van is not sexy. It's not sleek. It does have all the bells and whistles that every mom desires: lots of seat belts for my children and their friends, a DVD player to watch 'Cars' again and again, leather seats and even a seat warmer! It even comes with its own air freshener: dirty diapers. I have searched and searched, but to no avail have I found that diaper. Not to mention the sticky, gooey, carmel from a carmel apple that has adhered to the arm rest.

As the girl proudly touched her lustrous car, I had this immediate desire to slink away and find another car to claim as my own. The truth be told, I quickly got into my van with the sticky handprints on the window and prayed that I wouldn't back out and hit a car as I made my exit. The only satisfaction I had was to think that one day this young, hip girl would be driving a minivan with her four kids and proclaiming, "Check out my sexy van! It has cup holders to hold my Starbucks and even my kids' sippy cups! And it goes 0 to 70 in under 10 minutes! Don't I look good in it? It's my color, don't ya think?"