Friday, January 1, 2010

Elleanna's quotes

Elleanna’s quotes:


I was really tired and Elleanna said, “All you need is a cigarette to relax.”

My head is too big for this seatbelt.

I said, “You are starting to piss me off.” Elle said, “You piss me off!”

Daddy said, “I can’t make pancakes well.” Elle said, “That’s okay. I will teach you.”


Dad was reading Strong Willed Child by Dobson. Elle says, “Are you reading about how strong I am? (at this time she couldn’t read)

When I was wrapping Dad’s gift, Elle said is that a bomb?


"Mom, what is that red dot on your forehead? It looks like one of those dots that Indian girls wear." Thank you Elleanna - it's a pimple.

My red head is trying to make lemonade with an egg slicer...what is wrong with this picture?!

It's too hard for me to remember, my brain is too small.

I am wondering how to answer Elleanna's question: how can a dog have puppies when it's not married?

Elleanna's new quote: I don't know what's wrong with my fish. It's always drowning! Dec. 2009 (her betta fish)

I got a lump of coal in my stocking. My sweet Elleanna said I deserved it. I told her that I negotiated with Santa to take it for her so she could have presents...ha!

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