Friday, August 15, 2008

Day Three of Vacation

Every morning I will wake up and look at this dead tree. It is my view in this valley amongst the many campers that have pitched their tents.

In fact, one family came in last night at 1AM. I was in a much needed deep sleep only to be awoken by banging and loud voices. "Shh, be quiet Aaron," loudly whispered the mom. A whiny response and a few moments later the sound of pots dropping resonated thru the campsite. This continued for over an hour with sibling fighting as well. "Hey, that's my sleeping bag." I thought I would love to zip them all up in their sleeping bags and sing them a lullaby. Earlier in the evening, the camp had been serenaded with campers singing lovely ballads with a guitar. Maybe I should just borrow the guitar and knock some sense into this family. Isn't there a law about disturbing the peace at 1AM? Especially while camping?Posted by Picasa

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