Friday, August 29, 2008

Idaho Spud Candy - "The candy bar that makes Idaho famous"

As anyone can tell from the looks on my kids faces - they didn't like the candy. I am not sure how it made Idaho famous and I payed $1.00 for it.
Yes, I have regrets.
The candy has made me possessed! I did swallow, but I did not take another bite!

So I had to find out what was in this dried out candy bar
that had stayed on the shelf way too long!
It is a light cocoa flavored marshmallow center drenched with a dark chocolate coating and then sprinkled with coconut.
Marketing says that the "Idaho Spud" is one of the top hundred selling candy bars in the Northwest, and is Idaho Candy Company's best selling bar.
Is this true or just a sales gimmick?
Give me a snowball anyday!

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Alicia said...

The description sounds good but I will atke your word for it - no Spuds for me!