Thursday, August 21, 2008

Looking for waterfalls!

At the beginning of our family hike, it was an adventure!

As we walk through a beautiful meadow scattered with purple and yellow wildflowers our mission is to find the Upper and Lower Falls. We do not have a map, but Kenny believes it is this way. Every corner must get us closer to the waterfalls. I wonder where all the people are?

We have yet to find a waterfall, but we have discovered a horrible smell! The earth is amazing! This muddy water is boiling up from the earth. I would burn my finger if I dared put my finger in it!

No waterfall yet!

Samantha is taking a break!
The whining has begun, but can you blame her after 2 miles of walking!

Someone on the trail felt sorry for us and gave us a map. We are so far away from the waterfalls! We have been on a nature walk no where near the waterfalls!!
Another trail, another meadow....

Finally after another 1 1/2 miles we have arrived at the Lower Falls. The kids are too tired to even walk to the Upper Falls. We will have to save that for another day....

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Alicia said...

Gorgeous photography! Too bad you don't have a picture of Elleanna's little breakdown. That would have been funny!