Saturday, February 21, 2009

Elleanna and the Earthworm

Today Elleanna found a pet worm that she put into a plastic container with some grass and some mud. She showed it to her friend Melissa. 

Melissa said, "Squeeze the head." I interjected that they might be squeezing the butt so maybe they shouldn't do it. Secretly I didn't want the poor, pathetic worm to be tortured by a four year old and a five year old. 

Melissa thoughtfully asked if the worm goes poo-poo. 

With confidence, Elleanna said, "I think the worm poops mud." 

Tomorrow I think I need to go get a worm farm and so we can learn more about worms. 

"I think it is a boy," said Elleanna. "Maybe it's a girl." 

"I don't think they have a sex," I said trying to recall facts about worms. Ya, I think we need to get that worm farm. 

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